Founded in 2010, CHIGACA ENTERPRISE CO., LTD has been dedicated in the interest of people’s health and well-being. The company has contributed to the development of products in healthcare, disinfection, and cleaning supplies. CHIGACA specializes in manufacturing HCIO disinfectant appliances. CHIGACA’s HCIO products had been applied to plenty medical institutions, schools, fitness and entertainment units, transportations, and government institutions as well.

Our Mission

Here on Earth is our home. Taking care of the Earth allows our next generation to live in a healthy environment with low pollution.

Our Purpose

We have been committed to epidemic prevention, health care, and prevention of allergies with a serious, dedicated service attitude. We require high-quality goods and rational consumption, and make our customers feel professional and satisfied with our service!

Our Product

HCIO-Green - Disinfection Products, such as HCIO disinfectant, HCIO producing equipment and HCIO sterilizing equipment

Lucky Air - Intelligent Air Purifier with no maintenance cost

EzBetter - Anti Dustmite Bedding, vacuum, and cleaner; Hydrogen Water; Protective mask etc.

Demonstration Video

Product features - Disinfectant, Healthcare and Anti-dustmite